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"A lady of resources makes her own luck."
   —Shelley Adina

Romance, women's fiction, young adult fiction, picture books ... if you look at my books all lined up on a shelf, you'd probably think, "That woman writes all over the place. She needs to settle down to one thing." But every writer has a core story—the theme she explores over and over in her work. My core story is about women who break free of the cage structures imposed on them by other people. Lots of other things are going on in those pages, but under it all, that's the meaning I can't help but explore.

What's your core story?

Magnificent Devices | Moonshell Bay | Glory Prep | Amish Fiction | Other Books

The Magnificent Devices Series

London, 1889.
Victoria is Queen. Charles Darwin's son is Prime Minister.
And steam is the power that rules the world.

The Magnificent Devices novels are set in an alternate Victorian age where the combustion engine has been a flop and steam-powered devices are capable of sending the adventurous to another city, another continent ... or even another world. Society is divided into Wits (those who make their way using their intellect) and the Bloods (those who have inherited what they have). Lady Claire Trevelyan has been born a Blood, but she has the heart, soul, and mind of a Wit. And therein lies the problem ...

Lady of Devices Her Own Devices Magnificent Devices Brilliant Devices
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A Lady of Resources A Lady of Spirit A Lady of Integrity A Gentleman of Means  
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Devices Brightly Shining Fields of Air
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The Moonshell Bay Series

Where love is as strong as the tides ...

If you enjoy books by Joan Reeves, Lucy Kevin, or Carly Phillips, you'll love the Moonshell Bay series—fun, flirty, contemporary romance novels set in a beachside town in the Pacific Northwest. Take a stroll down the path to the ocean. Listen to the gulls, watch the tide go out, and enjoy the sunshine. Love is in the air!

Discover the series

Caught You Looking Caught You Listening Caught You Hiding

The Glory Prep Series

Friendship ... fashion ... faith! What else do you need to survive high school?

The Glory Prep series for girls 12-16, originally published in 2008-2010 as the All About Us series, has been reprinted and updated for today's young teen. Five girls from all walks of life meet at a posh San Francisco boarding school and somehow, in the mix of cliques, classes, and crushes, become friends for life.

Discover the series

Glory Prep The Fruit of My Lipstick Be Strong & Curvaceous Who Made You a Princess?

Tidings of Great Boys The Chic Shall Inherit the Earth

Amish Women's Fiction

Learn about my Amish women's fiction written as Adina Senft
Visit the blog, A City Girl's Guide to Plain Living

The Wounded Heart The Hidden Life The Tempted Soul

Herb of Grace Keys of Heaven Balm of Gilead

Other Books

The Sound of Your Voice Immortal Faith Peep: The Hundred Decibel Hummer
New Adult Romance
Paranormal YA
Early Reader