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Magnificent Devices Series

"A brave and talented author who looks at the darkness as well as the light."
   —Mary Jo Putney

Welcome to the home of the Magnificent Devices steampunk series! If your sense of adventure brought you here, I hope you'll take off your wraps and enjoy your visit. If you arrived by accident (the winds of the web being whimsical), let me introduce myself.

I'm Shelley Adina, author, copyeditor, teaching writer in the MFA in Writing Popular Fiction program at Seton Hill University, and rescuer of vagrant hens (yes, Rosie the chicken is real). I also write Amish women's fiction as Adina Senft. I won the RITA Award® from the Romance Writers of America in 2005, and was a finalist the following year. I was a Christy Award finalist in 2009 for The Fruit of My Lipstick, a two-time Carol Award finalist, and lately have been an Amazon bestseller with the Magnificent Devices novels.

A Lady of Spirit
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A Lady of Spirit

Now Available!

"A very nuanced and complex character and characterisation that also continues to challenge both gender and class barriers in an excellent manner."
   —Fangs for the Fantasy

I write about young women discovering their strengths and making their way in the world. The next book in the Magnificent Devices series is A Lady of Spirit, to be released April 30th!

You can choose your friends, but you cannot choose your family ... or can you?

Under normal circumstances, Maggie and Lizzie would be delighted to meet their long-lost relatives and be reunited with those who had believed them dead, but when are the Mopsies' circumstances ever to be considered normal? With her half-brother Claude Seacombe, Lizzie travels to Cornwall to meet her mother's parents. Maggie goes along, too, since she is part of the family ... or so one might assume. But the more time she spends in her grandparents' clifftop mansion, the more she realizes that something is not right, and the events surrounding her own mother's death are more mysterious—and dangerous—than anyone alive suspects.

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